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Printed fabric - clip closure and consecutive numbering
Printed fabric - clip closure and consecutive...

Delivery time: 7-14 working days

From €0.26 *
Printed fabric - clip closure - consecutive numbering and back in ribbon colour
Printed fabric - clip closure - consecutive...

Delivery time: 7-14 working days

From €0.32 *
hand seal pliers
hand seal pliers

Delivery time: 3-4 working days

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Fabric wristbands

The different fabric wristbands at our shop

In our shop you will find different fabric wristbands. You have the possibility to order printed or plain fabric wristbands, woven or non-woven and prefabricated or self-designed fabric wristbands. You can choose closure types that make it impossible to pass on the control strap or you can take the promotional straps with a clip closure, so the straps can also be reused.

Fabric wristbands self-designed

As with other types of control bands, you can design the festival bands yourself or describe bare bracelets yourself later. The wristband and the imprint are not water-soluble and remain in place even in the rain.

 Concerts, fairs & other events
Enter your visitors with an entrance wristband.
 Youth protection
State youths with their own bracelet color.
 Not ütransferable
Only the experiment damages the substance-bänder.
Armband and print(!) are not water-soluble.
 Fast delivery times
We produce directly on site.
 Neon colours
New: Neon colors are now available.