If control wristbands are used at concerts, these tend also to be described as dance bands, whereby they are naturally just the usual models in Tyvek, plastic or cloth.

Use control wristbands at concerts to identify your guests. Hereby initially of course the usual uses are possible: mark the artists, VIPs, people with access to the backstage area or press representatives. You security personnel can then easily identity these people and deny others access to protected areas.

A further frequent need for use occurs if standing places at a venue are divided into various segments by means of wavebreakers. In this case you must ensure that only a certain number of people have access to the different areas and that people only move around in their own allocated areas. You can achieve this quite simply with the use of different coloured dance bands. You have a choice of a total of 15 different colours for marking.

Using control wristbands at your concert ensures problem free progress and visitor streams.
This relieves your security personnel and assures a higher degree of satisfaction among your guests.