Trade fairs

At large stands at a trade fair one can quickly lose sight, where security is concerned: who are the stand personnel, who is the partner or the sponsor, who are the VIPs and who are the guests? Identification marking on tickets can only be seen at close quarters and how easily can name badges be used or exchanged in the melee?

If security is neglected, the damages can soon mount up; then exhibition items go missing or other valuable items, not to mention critical company information.

The fixed control wristband guarantee improved security at the trade fair in easily visible colours, which quickly and surely distinguish between the different actors at the trade fair stand.The stand catering can, for examply easily identifywho is entitled to catering with the use of a control wristband. The stand-security personnel are relieved, as they can at first glance see the clearly coloured control wristbands printed with the company name or logo, and can identify with whom they have to deal and how they have to react.