Trip organizers

As a trip organizer your often have the challenge of having to distinguish between the different groups of people Which people, for example, have already paid for the buffet? Who has paid the “All-inclusive” price and may use the wellness facilities? Which of the youngsters is over 18 and may be served alcohol? Which travellers have already received security clearance for your climbing wall?

In order to enable this distinction you can mark people with a control wristband. This is made of Tyvek (a material similar to paper), plastic or cloth. It can be worn the whole time on trips lasting several days, because it is watertight and offers a high degree of comfort in wear.

Select one colour per group of people. Your staff is then in a position to simply and quickly identify the group of people. Only one control needs to take place as the travel guests arrive and the control bands are applied.

But the control wristband is also suitable for marking items of luggage for journeys. It can be written on with a watertight pen, so that you can allocate all items of luggage to the appropriate people. And also confirmation marking, indicating that items of luggage have already undergone security controls, is another use for the control wristbands.

As a trip organizer you have many opportunities for use of the control wristband, in order to succeed in more efficiently managing and serving your groups of travellers. Increase your security, control and customer services for your trips today.