Made in Germany

Did you know how the term “Made in Germany“ originated?

Originally at the end of the 19th century as protection against allegedly cheap and inferior imported goods from Germany in Great Britain introduced, the designation is considered today in the eyes of many buyers as Certification mark.


“Made in Germany“ also stands for safe workplaces for us and defines our quality standards in every respect.

We purchase a large part of our raw materials and materials from Germany and produce them here directly on site at our company headquarters in Reichenbach an der Fils. By the production with us in the house on 1500 sqm² we have a direct influence on our products and production processes whereby a high quality can be assured consistently.

Short delivery times, small editions, fast reaction times,  for us everything no problem!

High print runs can also be produced quickly and delivered on time.

Gladly our customers can get an idea of our production process during a visit. Make an appointment with us !

You want to know more about us? Take a look at our image film!

That means for us “Made in Germany“