Securticket hilft - Unsere Spendenaktionen der vergangenen Jahre.

Since animal protection is very close to our hearts, we have decided this year to do without the Christmas cards to our customers and instead participate in the largest fundraising campaign for animals. Everyone has added something!
Thanks to the company BDW VIP-Band e.K. (, participants and visitors were given special key rings at all events during the VfBfairplay action week. Thus owner Thomas Diopan from Reichenbach an der Fils donated a total of 3000 so-called lanyards for the good cause - all in red, with the imprint "Brust raus! For inclusion" and carried by many with joy.
Thanks to strong employee participation, we can now donate 500 euros a day to the Paul Maar Kindergarten. As always, Thomas and his company BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket are further donors.
Today we want to support two organisations, both of which achieve a lot through a lot of personal commitment! Mädchenschule Khadigram e.V. German NGO and die Nepali Rotznäschen e.V. Our daily donation of 450 Euro was again supported today by employees and as always by BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket ?
Race 4 Friends what a great motorsport charity event? Hundreds of handicapped children from all over Germany can experience some laps at the Nürburgring through many volunteers ? Today 400 Euro will be donated as a daily donation.
Thanks again to Thomas with BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket for the subsidy!
Und wir starten in die letzte Woche mit einer Tagesspende von 465 Euro an die Petangels? auch hier steckt sooo viel persönliches Engagement drin & jeder Euro kommt den Tieren zugute, einfach toll ?
Danke auch wieder an Thomas mit seiner Firma BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket ?
For today's daily donation of 385 euros, we have 'engaged' our strongest employee for a photo 'The children and their families who receive help from the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V. need a lot of strength. Thanks also to BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket for the grant!
Today we want to be a bit out of the ordinary with our daily donation of 460 Euro! Sisters - for the exit from the Prostitution e.V. helps women in Stuttgart from the Prostitution! Have a look at the page! Thanks as always to BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket for the support!
500 Euro daily donation! Yesterday we used the opportunity of the hour for a photo of the BDW VIP band e.K. Securticket and Benz pipe cleaning with the animal rescue Middle Neckar! There is also a 24-hour emergency service ?? Impressive what a commitment is behind it!
Today the joint donation of Benz-Rohrreinigung and BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket goes to the Tierheim Esslingen ? Also here the personal commitment is written large and our donation can be invested purposefully in the sense of the (usually) four-legged friends.?
Today we have once again surpassed ourselves! Thanks to strong donations of all, today a large part of the daily donation of 1125 € ? comes from the employees. We want to support the Anna e.V. -support for children with cancer Wahnsinn ???
We think that DIE CLOWN DOKTOREN E.V. is a perfect match for today's Nikolaus as a recipient of donations totalling 400 euros! ?? As an artist, you bring 'humour and colourful moments' to children's clinics, that's great!???(Co-Sponsor again BDW VIP-Band e.K. Securticket?)