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PVC-Wristband Securticket

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PVC wide and narrow printed
PVC wide and narrow printed

Delivery time: 6-8 working days

From €0.63 *
Content 10 piece(s) (€0.06 * / 1 piece(s))
PVC wide unprinted
PVC wide unprinted

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

From €0.43 *
Content 10 piece(s) (€0.04 * / 1 piece(s))

PVC wristbands

Why PVC admission tapes?

Our PVC wristband is a very high quality processed plastic wristband. The plastic wristband consists of three layers, making it very comfortable to wear on the wrist. The PVC control strap is waterproof and printable. With the security closure of the control band it is not transferable and can replace tickets and stamps.

Which PVC control bands do we carry?

In our assortment you will find different types of entrance bands. We have narrow and wide bands, the wider control bands give you more space for your own motif or a manual inscription later. In addition to the unprinted PVC control tape, you can also print your own motif on your tape.

 Concerts, fairs & other events
Enter your visitors with an entrance wristband.
 Youth protection
State youths with their own bracelet color.
 Not ütransferable
Only the experiment damages the PVC-Bänder.
Armband and pressure (!) are not watery.
 Fast delivery times
We produce directly on site.